APC LE1200 Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator


APC LE1200

1200 VA Automatic Voltage Regulator, 6.5 ft. Cord Length
• Automatic voltage regulation
• Brownout correction
• Overvoltage correction
• Status indicator LED’s
• Surge protection
Automatic voltage regulation for protection against brownouts and overvoltages.
Warranty- 2 Year RTB

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Magnetic Paper Stopper


Magnetic Paper Stopper

To aid in cutting evenly sized sheets each time.
*Knife: Stainless hardened steel. Convex edge, for a more efficient cut and with a refined antitrust treatment.
*Automatic Return *Safety Control: To maintain the knife closed when not in operation.
*Pressing Bar: To firmly hold paper while cutting.
*Table: With a refined antitrust treatment and with a horizontal and vertical ruler-point system for an easier and straighter cut.



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