ColorJet Printers

ColorJet Printers

Quickly and affordably turn your ideas into full colour 3D printed models. the ColorJet series creates stunningly beautiful, full colour parts like no other 3D printers can. With some of the fastest print speeds available, transform your ideas into concept models and prototypes in hours, at a very low cost per part.

The colorjet 3D printer range


ProJet 260C

Fast, affordable solution for full-colour 3D printing.

  • BUILD VOLUME: 236 x 185 x 127
  • RESOLUTION: 300 x 450

ProJet 360

Print strong, accurate and realistic 3D parts and prototypes

  • BUILD VOLUME: 203 x 254 x 203
  • RESOLUTION: 300 x 450

ProJet 460Plus

Create strong, accurate and realistic parts and concept models

  • BUILD VOLUME: 203 x 254 x 203
  • RESOLUTION: 300 x 450

ProJet 660Pro

A valuable solution for design firms, model makers and engineers

  • BUILD VOLUME: 254 x 381 x 203
  • RESOLUTION: 600 x 540

ProJet 860Pro

Top of the line performance in full colour 3D printing

  • BUILD VOLUME: 508 x 381 x 229
  • RESOLUTION: 600 x 540

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