Folder & Inserters

Folder & Inserters

Highly Efficient & Automatic Mail Processing

Automate the tedious task of manually folding and inserting your mail. Our Folder & Inserters enable you to focus on more productive duties by completing your mail prepartion in minutes rather than hours.Our letter folding machines are great for all types mailing purposes, giving a more proffesional look and finish to your invoices, direct mail marketing campaigns, statements and any other mailed documents. Our Folder Inserters processes mail up to 40 times faster than by hand. Whatever your mail volumes, We have a folder and envelope inserting machine for every size of business, from small desktop models to large floor-standing machines.

Low Volume Folding Machine and Inserter


Mid Volume Folding Machine and Inserter

High Volume Folding Machine and Inserter

Paper Folding Machines

Automated Paper Folders Capable of Various Folding Styles

Desktop Paper Folding Machines

High-Performance Paper Folders


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